New taxes to regulate circulation and parking of commercial and tourist vehicles

Today’s full council meeting approved amendments to four by-laws to tax the transportation of energy and personal mobility vehicles for commercial use, regulate parking for coaches around Montjuïc and control parking in loading/unloading areas.

28/09/2018 15:47 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The taxes approved at the full council meeting by all municipal groups except the PP are:

New tax on coach parking in the area around the Magic Fountain in Montjuïc

A new tax is being created to reduce congestion and coach traffic around the Magic Fountain. The new tax is for 45 euros per parking zone. Prices for the ZonaBus coach parking area around the Sagrada Família and the Park Güell will also be put up.

New registration prices for personal mobility and commercial vehicles

In accordance with the by-law on the circulation of pedestrians and vehicles, the identification and registration service for personal mobility vehicles (PMV), such as electric wheels and scooters, segways and bicycles for commercial use, will cost 19 euros. The new tax also offers the possibility of registering PMVs for personal use only at a reduced price of 9.5 euros.

Greater parking flexibility in loading and unloading areas

Measures have been approved for more flexible parking in DUM loading and unloading areas, for users with professional parking badges.

New eco-tax on energy transportation

The new by-law taxes companies transporting energy and circulating in the city. The tax is expected to net around 4 million euros.

Private use of ornamental fountains

Rates for the private use of ornamental fountains are to be updated and the number of fountains available for this use reduced.


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