Safety and sustainability for the new city police patrol cars

The city police (GUB) are taking delivery of 145 new hybrid patrol cars, equipped with advanced technology and all but replacing the fleet of petrol-driven vehicles.

04/06/2018 15:03 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The city police are to get 100 new hybrid vehicles this month, with a further 45 to follow at the end of the year. The existing fleet of 526 vehicles included just nine patrol cars. The new cars mean over half of the entire GUB fleet (51%) now consists of hybrid or electric vehicles. In 2019, a further fifty electric trials bikes and scooters will be added, pushing the percentage of GUB zero emissions vehicles up to 60%.

Besides cutting CO2 emissions, the new vehicles are equipped with various technological devices to help offices provide a more efficient service for the public. The cars feature an on-board computer, a rear view camera, luminous panels, surveillance and recording systems for the transfer of detainees, defibrillators and other equipment.


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