The new intake process for the Fire Service fosters the recruitment of more women

The Barcelona Fire Service is to offer eighty new jobs before the year is out. The recruitment process takes into account the gender perspective for the first time and does away with access requisites which discriminated against women. The main new features include modifications to physical qualifying criteria and the fact that height will no longer be an eliminatory factor.

11/07/2019 15:20 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The eighty new places with the Barcelona Fire Service will be opened up in the next six months. The gender perspective is being applied to the access requisites for the first time, the aim being for more women to join the service. Qualifications and specialist experience in the field of health will also be considered as scoring merits.

The competitive exams consist of nine tests: a general knowledge test, a specific knowledge test, a Catalan exam, a Spanish exam, a physical aptitude test, a practical test, a driving test and personality tests.

In the competitive entrance exams, as in all municipal recruitment processes, if there is a tie between the two hopefuls occupying the final place available, the place will go to the person of the gender least represented in the service, in this case female.

New recruitment process

The new features in the recruitment process are:

  • Minimum and maximum heights have been eliminated from access requirements.
  • Qualifying criteria for physical tests have been modified. These include the multi-stage fitness test, the agility circuit and the swimming test.
  • The bench press and standing jump tests have been eliminated.
  • The professional test now includes a test in the healthcare field.
  • The medical test will assess physical and psychological conditions.
  • Qualifications and specialist experience in the field of health will count as scoring merits.
  • The exam stage will include questions on the provision of care for victims with multiple injuries and automated external defibrillation.

Publication of the intake process

See the rules and conditions for the process:

Register for the recruitment process

Candidates can sign up for the process online using the public job vacancies section or the procedures section of the Barcelona City Council website.


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