Bon Pastor to get a new centre for the elderly at the end of the year

The new facility will have twice as much floor space as the senior citizens’ centre in Pg. Mollerussa, which is to close due to the future extension of the adjacent El Til·ler school. The new centre will have meeting rooms, an IT classroom and cookery classroom, a bar with a large room and a multi-purpose area with its own entrance so that it can be used outside of regular opening hours.

13/10/2018 12:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The centre is in the ground floor premises on a new building, constructed as part of the transformation process of the urban improvement plan for the Bon Pastor neighbourhood. The other floors of the building are for 60 publicly owned flats, where people have been rehoused as part of the third stage of the remodelling project for run-down housing in the neighbourhood.

The new infrastructures will enable various workshops to be offered there, including IT and cookery. The cookery classroom will also be used for the ‘Àpats en companyia’ programme’, the support service for everyday activities among fragile elderly people. The service is designed to boost active and healthy ageing through a good diet and the strengthening of social bonds, connecting people to their local surroundings and those around them.

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