More people eligible for the Targeta Rosa

The income threshold for accessing the free and reduced metropolitan pink cards is being raised by 10% so more people on limited economic resources can take advantage of them. It offers benefits on public transport, in cultural sports and commercial establishments and with municipal services.

09/08/2018 17:14 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Following the latest change, the cut-off point for being eligible for the free Metropolitan Targeta Rosa is €8,271.55 a year, and twice that, €16,543.10, for the reduced “Pink Card”.

Barcelona residents who would like to opt for these social cards must be registered in the city and over 60 years old or have a disability equal to or more than 33%.

Nearly 250,000 Barcelona citizens already benefit from this social card which is available in 24 municipalities in the metropolitan area. The new upper income limit will enable the number of beneficiaries to be increased by more than 3,000.

A social transport card with other benefits

The Tarjeta Rosa is a personal, non-transferable social card that enables users to travel for free or at a reduced rate on the metro, TMB metropolitan buses, trams and the Montjuïc funicular, among other services.

They also enjoy benefits in various health-related establishments, such as opticians and physiotherapy centres, cultural and leisure venues, such as theatres, cinemas, museums and bookshops, sports centres, municipal courses and workshops or Imserso holiday travel

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