New orientation centre for the care of others

As a way of putting the care of others at the centre of city life, promoting joint social responsibility for guaranteeing the right to dignified and quality care, and reducing social and gender inequality, Barcelona City Council is to open a new information and orientation point for all carer families, care workers and care organisations.

05/03/2018 19:11 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The City Council presented the initiative the same week as International Women’s Day. Some 90% of tasks relating to the care of the over-65s are carried out by family members, the vast majority of them women. Figures show that out of the total number of people with part-time work contracts, 18.6% are women who care for children or adults who are ill, or who have disabilities or are dependent on others.

The centre has been conceived to respond to care families and professionals who work in homes, people receiving care and the public in general, in line with the idea that eight out of ten people will take on the role of carer at some point in their lives.

The new centre will offer the following services:

Information and guidance: Face-to-face, telephone and online information about existing resources in the city as a way of providing an initial overview for users. Information will include: care-related services and resources such as the practical aspects of access to services, resources for people wanting to work as professional carers, basic and advanced training, legal aspects such as degrees of protection for carer and those cared for, emotional and psychological help and mutual support groups.

Knowledge and meeting: The new centre will act as a space for knowledge and bring together a complete combination of studies, tools and related web resources. The service seeks to foster exchange and interaction between users, professionals and organisations, generating a network that creates bonds.

Coordination and networking: The centre will have a team of professionals who are constantly in touch with related players and entities in the territory in order to generate a reference network and jointly evaluate how to enhance care.

The new centre will be at C/ Viladomat 127, in the same building as Pamem. It is due to open in the summer, once work to condition the space has been completed.

The centre is one of 68 actions to democratitise care, the idea being to guarantee the right to receive quality care and to care for others while enjoying appropriate social and labour conditions.


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