Vincles BCN, helping the elderly become more active and connected

Over 600 people over the age of 65 are already taking part in the Vincles BCN programme, an initiative to help the elderly lead more active and sociable lives. The programme has been running in all neighbourhoods since March and should have 1,000 users by September.

27/07/2018 14:47 h

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Besides establishing and maintaining social ties, the programme aims to helpbridge the digital divide, which particularly affects the elderly, as well as improving the quality of life byusing new technologies as a means of communication with people’s local environment.

The programme actually uses the Vincles BCN mobile app, with users accessing information and services via a municipally provided a tablet.

Although the programme started as a pilot scheme in the districts of L’Eixample and Sant Martí, the success of the initiative means that the service has now been running in all districts since March and the number of participants has risen by 30%, from 460 to 597.

There are currently 65 group activities being run on a wide variety of topics, such as cooking, culture, memory and humour, with an average of 22 participants per group. Similarly, 199 learning sessions have been held, as well as 152 face-to-face sessions which include visits to entities, museums and exhibitions, outings to the theatre, the cinema and other places. In terms of interaction with the app, the feature used most is the video call, so far used on 3,460 occasions.

How does Vincles BCN work?

People interested in forming part of the programme can apply by calling 010, by using the Vincles BCN website, in person at social services centres (CSS) or at primary healthcare centres (CAP). People who meet the required criteria will receive a tablet with the Vincles BCN app installed on it, enabling them to access their own network of family and friends, as well as the programme’s community of users.

Those running services and activities on the programme use the app to prompt participation by users and promote the creation of new social bonds.

Want to know more? Go to the Vincles BCN website.


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