5G technology at the service of citizens

The Poblenou superblock is acting as a 5G-IoT testing ground for projects based on new technologies, the idea being to become a research environment for 5G industry and enterprise in the city. A challenge is also being launched jointly with the Fundació Mobile World Capital, looking for projects which can be applied in the domestic sphere, particularly aimed at improving the autonomy of senior citizens at home.

18/02/2019 19:51 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The programme ‘Improving Quality of Life for Elderly (at Home) through Technology’ is a chance to showcase new uses for 5G technology and its potential applications, particularly in the field of the Internet of Things.

The programme will recognise projects which use technology to improve quality of life for citizens, and, when it comes to the elderly, which help reduce cognitive shortcomings for this group in terms of:

  • Problems with carrying out basic daily activities (food, personal hygiene, movement within the home etc.).
  • Problems with carrying out instrumental activities for daily life (using transport, communication, personalised, health control, social relations, managing money etc.).
  • Problems with safety (inside and outside the home).

The whole superblock, comprising all street sections between C/ Pere IV (from C/ Roc Boronat to C/ Castella) and C/ Llacuna (from C/ Pere IV to C/ Sancho de Ávila), will act as a testing ground for the European platform 5G FLAME (Facility Large-Scale Adaptative Media Experimentation). This will allow for the experimental roll-out and assessment of multimedia services, mainly by SMEs and local networks.

The area will also see the roll-out of the 5GCity programme, which allows the owner of the technology infrastructure to establish contacts with operators to offer computation services and radio access for users.

The multi-function towers distributed around the area house wi-fi antennas, sensors and other technological elements in a single point, subsequently optimising the use of public furniture, minimising the visual impact and facilitating maintenance.

Different pilot projects have been trialled so far and only need the infrastructure to be made ready to start testing them. These involve important companies such as Ficosa and Betevé.


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