Emerging IoT companies at Barcelona Industry Week

Barcelona Activa has selected twenty companies with bases in the city and using new-generation devices from the Internet of Things to take part in the IoT World Congress. The event is part of Barcelona Industry Week and is being held from 29 to 31 October at the Fira Barcelona facilities in Gran Via. The companies at the congress are displaying some of the systems they have put into operation to offer solutions to problems in various spheres, such as mobility, security, energy-efficiency robotics and medicine.

29/10/2019 14:09 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings us an ecosystem whereby networks of everyday objects become interconnected and offer us very valuable information. This technology is more present than ever in many industrial companies which are applying algorithms, artificial intelligence, blockchain and augmented reality to automate and improve processes.

The companies selected have an annual turnover of 6 million euros between them and employ 200 people. They offer solutions in the fields such as mobility, security, energy efficiency and medicine.

The companies selected are Cigo!, Xamiol, BitMetrics, Sinapse Energía, USE IT Health, AEInnova, ,Ctrl4 Enviro, Digital Smart Group, IN2, Innovum Solutions, IOTIP, Mycelium, PickData, Slash Mobility, SLB Systems, Tedeloc, Thingtia, Tracktio and Sensing & Control. The stand will also be accompanying companies from the UPC Technology Centre (CIT UPC), the UPC’s technology transfer entity.

New support section for foreign companies

This is the first time the Barcelona City Council stand is offering a support section for foreign companies interested in doing business in the city, the goal being to attract new commercial and technological activity. Barcelona Activa is also offering inspirational visits aimed at industrial companies from the creative and cultural sector, encouraging them to also consider all the tools and resources available through technology and digitalisation. The guided visits are to the IoT and Industry sections.

At the Industry section, the City Council will also be promoting the business prototyping support services at the Technology Park, which are particularly useful for companies starting to produce digitalised pieces and tools. There will also be explanations on how to offer companies training in this field and the accessible use of the tools needed for digital manufacturing.

The stand will also be promoting the fab lab network, with its five facilities around the city. Fab labs are a public resource open to everybody, particularly the education sector and entrepreneurs.

Digital talent market

Over the same days as the fair, the Cybersecurity Congress is hosting the Job Market Place, a section for people looking for work in the cybersecurity industry. In the digital world, specialisation in security and protection and data handling is one of the areas which is set to be in great demand in the future, as forecast in the book Llibre blanc del futur del treball, published by Barcelona Activa.


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