New taxes on intensive use of public space by tourism

An amendment to tax by-laws has been approved by the full council. The creation of a new tax has been provisionally approved, to be applied to companies transporting energy to the city, along with other one-off amendments to tax intensive use of public space relating to tourism and mobility.

20/07/2018 15:55 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

One-off modifications to existing by-laws

General services: A new tariff is to be set up for the administration, identification and registering of personal mobility vehicles (PMV), bicycles and cycles with more than two wheels used on a for-profit basis.

Regulated parking: A new tax is to be set up for the bus parking area near the Magic Fountain, enabling more orderly and better administered parking for tourist coaches bringing people to the displays in this part of Montjuïc. At the same time, rates for existing taxes at Area A and B coach parking facilities around the Sagrada Família and the Park Güell will be increased.

Improvements will also be made to the conditions of use for DUM loading and unloading areas for users in possession of professional badges, making parking conditions more flexible.

Efficient use of public space: The installation of antennas at municipal facilities and their use by the public will now be regulated by tax by-laws rather than through agreements used to date. This will allow for greater transparency in the payment of these taxes.

Ornamental fountains: Rates will be updated for the private use of fountains, with a reduction in the number of fountains available for private use.

New tax

A new tax by-law has been created for the private use and the special use of local public space by large companies transporting energy. This measure, a pioneering initiative among major cities in the Spanish state, is expected to raise around four million euros for municipal coffers.

After the agreement by the full council meeting, the by-laws will be subject to a 30-day public scrutiny period before being definitively approved.


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