Segways to be barred from the seafront

05/07/2016 11:56 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Current traffic regulations in the city are to be modified this summer, prohibiting the use of Segways on the seafront and clamping down on unauthorised personal transporters.

The measure, currently provisional until consensus is reached on definitive by-laws, aims to take pressure off congestion along the Barcelona coastline in summer and avoid excessive inconvenience to local residents. Most companies renting out this type of transport are concentrated in the Ciutat Vella district and their use is disruptive to public space. Therefore, the modification to traffic licences will be accompanied by an information campaign, which will also detail routes where the vehicles may be used.

Traffic regulations for personal transporters

City Council is working to develop a sustainable mobility model, prioritising journeys on foot, by bicycle and by public transport. However, given the proliferation of new types of mobility, such as personal transporters, work is also under way to reach a consensus for traffic by-laws to regulate them.

At the end of June, a process was begun to debate the issue by consulting the parties involved (entities forming part of the Mobility Pact and municipal groups), examining opinions, doubts and needs. A joint work group has been set up with all formations to define the new regulations. The process will also take into account the views of the most affected associations and other administrations.