How to look after neighbours most at risk during the confinement period

Given the state of emergency due to Covid-19, the Radars project has started a campaign to foster neighbourliness and offer some recommendations for people to help people in their immediate community who need support.

28/03/2020 12:48 h

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Want to help your elderly neighbours during the confinement period? Radars suggests some little things which can be a big help:

  • Protect yourself to be able to protect others: stick to the recommendations from the Public Health Agency, pay attention to hygiene, avoid physical contact and if you have symptoms or are part of a group at risk, don’t leave your home.
  • You can offer people company in lots of ways: communicate with the elderly and speak to them so they feel they have some company. Phone them or speak to them from the doorway, keeping a distance of two metres.
  • Give a helping hand to people who can’t get around: make the most of your essential journeys to do errands for elderly neighbours.

If you identify an emergency or a case of extreme risk, get in touch with the Radars scheme by sending an email to In an emergency call 112, For medical matters call 061.

If you want to promote this type of action among your neighbours, you can download this poster and display it in the foyer of your building, in a lift or any other place where it will be seen.

You can also download this template, which can be used as a grid for neighbours to get in touch if they want to help those in their immediate community who need it most. Display it somewhere visible, inside the building, so that it cannot be read from the street, where only all the neighbors in the building have access to it.

Radars continues to provide care for users

Radars continues to provide its phone follow-up for its 1,600 users, all aged over 65 and living alone. Municipal specialists, in coordination with other services such as the telecare service, are providing this support, normally provided by more than 200 volunteers on the programme.



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