New call for the annual emergency fund for young children in poverty

This year’s municipal budget sets aside 13,5 million euros for the Special Support and Emergency Social Fund for Infants 0-16. The funding is help cover basic needs and tackle extreme poverty among families with young children. Subsidies range from 100 to 475 euros a month and should reach 25,000 children and 17,000 families, 1,200 of them single-parent families.

28/04/2021 13:09 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The call opens on 30 April and the funds will be provided in the form of the Barcelona Solidària pre-paid card to unify the payment of financial aid from municipal social services.

The subsidies are aimed at families in poverty who do not receive the minimum state income or the minimum guaranteed income from the Government of Catalonia. The amount ranges from 100 to 475 euros a month, depending on family incomes and the number of household members. An increase has also been established for single-parent families.

The funding is available to people officially residing in Barcelona as of 1 January 2021 and who have been users of social services over the last year, along with other requisites. The complete process will be conducted by the Social and Economic Benefits Office. To keep red tape down, the City Council will be contacting families who meet the requirements with an SMS. Those who accept will receive the aid in the form of the Barcelona Solidària card.

One change this year means that families who live in one of the ten neighbourhoods in the Besòs area, and who benefit from the subsidy, will be able to receive part of the amount in the form of the REC citizen currency to help revitalise local commerce.


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