Newsstand reopened in Sant Martí to be managed by people with disabilities

Located at Carrer de Guipúscoa, 16, this is the fifth newsstand in the city (and the first in the district of Sant Martí) to be managed by Diverscoop, the cooperative made up of twelve people with functional diversity. The goal is to open more in 2021.

30/01/2021 09:59 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The first newsstand run by the cooperative opened in Sant Andreu a year ago. The initiative aims to regain unused newsstands to carry on from the traditional model, generate points of reference to facilitate life for local people and foster employment.

Pilot scheme with VinclesBCN

A pilot scheme is under way with 40 elderly people who live alone, who will get five euros a week to buy newspapers and magazines from their nearest Diverscoop newsstand. The initiative seeks to foster social relationships with the elderly, establishing a bond with newsstand assistants, who also keep an eye out for users.

VinclesBCN is a service to help combat loneliness and social isolation among the elderly by using new technologies to strengthen social ties.



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