Three new services for dealing with people in vulnerable situations

The three new initiatives are a 6,000 square-metre space at Fira de Barcelona, 200 tourist apartments for women victims of male violence and families in a housing emergency situation, and three new facilities for homeless people to supplement the city’s basic and essential services.

20/03/2020 19:32 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In compliance with the health authorities’ recommendations for people to stay at home to help fight Covid-19, the City Council, in collaboration with other authorities and entities, is going to set up three extra accommodation services to attend to the most vulnerable groups.

  • A Fira de Barcelona trade fair hall with 6,000 square metres of space capable of accommodating up to a thousand people. The Red Cross will run it with council staff.
  • Two hundred tourist apartments owned by a city operator, which will house women who have suffered male violence, families with children threatened with losing their home in the coming weeks or homeless people currently in various municipal facilities.
  • Three new facilities specifically for homeless people:
    1. A municipal facility at the old Pere Calafell Institute, with capacity for 56 people, which will also be run by the Red Cross.
    2. A new 30-place reception centre for isolating people referred from initial reception centres if necessary, in collaboration with Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.
    3. A new facility with showers, a laundry and canteen that will be operated the Centre Assís.

Other resources active in the city

Despite the state of alarm for Covid-19, the city has still managed to keep going the 2,200 places for homeless people in centres run by associations, the three primary reception centres and other residential centres in the city, and the food and hygiene services, as well as the social services centres, the Home Help Service (SAD), and the Municipal Telecare Service. The Barcelona Medical and Social Emergencies Centre (CUESB) is open 24 hours a day.

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