Barcelona keeps on the move at home: sport during the confinement period

Given the confinement period due to Covid-19, people are advised to do sport at home to help maintain their physical and psychological health and improve the family atmosphere. The Barcelona Institute of Sports has started a campaign with a combination of seven different actions to help people do sport at home.

30/03/2020 15:17 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The campaign to promote sport at home is structured as follows:

  • Decim Barcelona: promotion of initiatives via the new website ‘Barcelona des de casa’.
  • Betevé: various miniprogrammes of directed exercise sessions to be broadcast, aimed at all types of users.
  • Barcelona Sports Film Festival: creation of a new category, ‘Sport&Stay Home’, for short films of between 7 and 10 minutes about adapting sport to home confinement.
  • Video competition: each person or family to show how they’re doing sport at home (maximum video length 30 seconds).
  • Major sports challenge: citizens all invited to take part in a fitness session from their balconies on 12 April, at noon.
  • Barcelona Sports Office: offers support, advice and training for activities and projects by Barcelona-based sports entities.
  • Care for carers: various sports initiatives to help health professionals to relax, disconnect and look after themselves.

Full information on the Barcelona Institute of Sports website.


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