Three out of four schoolchildren do sports regularly

The survey on sports habits among people of school age shows that 76.1% of children in the city do sports regularly.

12/11/2018 18:03 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The study shows the consolidation of sports among young children and teenagers, with differences between genders continuing to be reduced since the survey in 2007. The number of girls doing sport is up by 3.1%, reaching 72.3%, compared to 80.6% of boys.

In terms of age, indexes remain stable with the highest percentage of children doing sports when switching from primary school to secondary school (78.1% among children in their first or second year of secondary school). The figure for children in the first three years of primary school stands at 74.5%, rising to 77.4% in the final three years of primary, in contrast to a slight drop in the third and fourth year of secondary school (74.5%).

Figures around the district remain the same as previous years, although with a notable increase in people doing sport in the district of Sants-Montjuïc, rising from 74.1% in 2013 to 77.7% in 2018. The figure is also up in Sant Andreu (from 72.8% to 74.1%) and in Sant Martí (from 71.6% to 73.2%).

Organised sports activity with clubs and organisations comes out at 70.6% in the study, some 8% higher than in 2013. The most popular sports are football and indoor football (31.4%), dance (17%) and basketball (16%). In terms of people doing sport on their own initiative also sees football and indoor football top the list (27.9%), followed by cycling (25.8%) and walking (23.6%).

The survey also analyses what secondary factors influence the index for sporting activity among children of school age. Children from families who do sports on a regular basis also do more sports, the figure coming out at 85.6%.

Beyond sport

Young children and teenagers in the city also take part in other extra-curricular activities which are not related to sports. Specifically, 48% of them. The most common activities include language classes (42.7%), music (20.5%), extra academic tuition (13.3%) and theatre (7.9%).


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