Commitment against xenophobic and racist discourse during the election campaign

The Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council (CMIB) has called on political forces taking part in the general election on 10 November not to engage in discourse which stigmatises or stereotypes migrant and racialised people during the electoral campaign, or after it.

24/10/2019 16:38 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council has placed the emphasis on xenophobic and racist discourse which affects unaccompanied minors. The CMIB has also called on political parties to promote the empowerment of these young people and their representation in all social spheres, including parties themselves.

The Barcelona Municipal Immigration Council is issuing its request via an institutional declaration to be read out in the full council meeting for October. Entities and all municipal groups have signed it to show the City Council’s commitment to the fight against inequality, racism and xenophobia.

The declaration calls for:

  • Political formations running in the general election not to reproduce racist or xenophobic discourse during or after the campaign.
  • No criminalising or stigmatising discourse relating to unaccompanied minors.
  • Denouncement and relevant legal action of all behaviour promoting hate or attacking the dignity of people in the city of Barcelona.
  • Legal and psycho-social support for victims of discrimination and hate crime based on people’s origins, ethnicity or religious beliefs.
  • Efforts to make the use of public space by political groups during the election campaign respectful with human rights.


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