Eighty activities to help young people choose their study paths

The twelfth edition of the ‘Informa’t’ campaign is under way, with eighty activities designed to provide young people and teenagers with information and help guide them through the range of education options available in the city once they finish secondary school. A guide has been compiled for the first time this year and includes non-regulated study options for teenagers.

26/01/2020 10:02 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The campaign runs from 27 January to 27 March and aims to ease the pressure on young people when it comes to choosing their studies and to show them what options are available to them at Barcelona’s 297 education centres.

This edition places special emphasis on family sessions, which are designed to facilitate full information on options available and to guide parents so they can help their children decide what academic path they wish to pursue.

The activities organised in the city’s ten districts are divided into four categories:

  • Who I am and what I like
  • Paths I can choose
  • Options available
  • Is it what I expect?

(All activities detailed on the website informat.cat).

Guide to post-compulsory education

This is the first year that a guide has been produced detailing all further study options available to teenagers and young people. The guide, Guia d’Estudis Postobligatoris, also includes non-regulated study options.

The ‘Informa’t’ campaign is organised by the Academic Advice Centre for Young  People, the city’s eleven InfoJove points and the 81 JIP information and participation points which during the rest of the year offer guidance for young people who are unsure about further study options. The service is free and provides personalised and confidential support.

Full information can be found at informat.cat.


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