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In 2018 a total of 1,022 people found work via Barcelona Activa’s Talent Recruitment Service, aimed at companies with vacancies and people out of work in the city. The figure represents a 3.75% increase compared to 2017 and means that for every working day of the year the public agency finds jobs for five people on average.

03/02/2019 11:06 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This is direct insertion, the whole process being conducted from the point when a vacancy is received: candidates are sought, applicants’ details sent to companies or recruitment processes opened and the most suitable profiles selected.

All the job offers handled are for a minimum of six months and pay over a thousand euros a month, in line with the fair procurement criteria implemented during this term of office for all municipal contracts and providers as part of the Barcelona Employment Strategy 2016-2020.

Besides the figure for direct recruitment, a further 500 people have accessed the labour market through work placement agreements, the idea being to provide them with a first working experience and provide resources and tools for people in the process of improving their professional training.

Ongoing work to improve employment

The different employment programmes run by Barcelona Activa helped nearly 25,000 people in 2018, who received training and labour advice to enable them to refocus their careers. Around 2,000 people have found work during programmes or upon completing them. The most common profiles are women (51%) with secondary school qualifications (51%) and aged between 30 and 45 (38%).

The companies offering the most vacancies belong to the sectors of commerce (20.4%), business services (15.2%) and renovations, fittings and other services relating to housing and urban development (13.85%). Some 55% are micro companies (with less than 10 employees), 24% are small companies (less than 50), 18.5% are medium-sized companies (less than 250) and 2% are large companies (more than 250).

The most difficult profiles to cover are in the digital and technology sector, which accounted for 7.5% of the vacancies handled in 2018.

Barcelona Activa’s Talent Recruitment Service, run by the Business Support Office, handles business and labour enquiries from companies and has a database with nearly 90,000 candidates.

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