Over five hundred activities to promote reading

The city’s Reading Action Programme goes into its second edition with over five hundred activities for people of all ages and in all social realms. A hundred writers will be taking part in this year’s edition, which aims to promote reading and Barcelona’s literary heritage. Three thousand books have been acquired for the event.

25/10/2019 14:02 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Reading Action Programme, promoted by the Barcelona UNESCO City of Literature office and Biblioteques de Barcelona, highlights municipal backing for literate and reading. The event includes over five hundred activities, based around a dozen actions and reaching out to people of all ages and all social realities.

The programme seeks to broaden the range of activities to encourage reading, becoming a focus for all neighbourhoods and districts and complementing the work done by the city’s public libraries. Work will be stepped up in areas with greater needs in terms of the promotion of reading, prioritising activities for groups with the least favourable conditions for consolidating reading habits.

New for this year’s edition

The programme offers continuity for some of its most important projects, develops others and incorporates four new proposals for extending reading opportunities in the city, stepping up action to encourage reading in the education sphere and within the framework of the city’s literary festivals.

  1. Making reading more natural in the streets

Four mobile bookshelves, with a capacity for around 120 books each, will be installed in the neighbourhoods of Sant Antoni and Poblenou. The books will be freely available for people during different time slots, according to the availability of the entities taking part.

  1. Opening museums up to literary debate

Eleven museums and heritage spaces in the city will be running reading clubs at libraries during the school year, with a total of thirty sessions to discuss books linked to permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.

  1. Reading in schools for adults

Eight adult education centres will be introducing initiatives to promote reading in instrumental training cycles, secondary cycles and English language courses. 

The three projects will be developed creating reading groups in the classroom, with a joint activity for all three projects: comment and debate in the classroom about the text participants have read.

  1. Third degree interrogation

A trial project will be run during the next edition of the Barcelona Negra to develop reading and workgroup dynamics for two hundred pupils between their second year and sixth year at primary school and their third and fourth years at secondary school to engage with fictional characters from noir novels.

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