Transformation of Plaça d’Antoni Maura, in Via Laietana

Seven months of work to revamp Plaça d’Antoni Maura are due to get under way in October, increasing space for pedestrians, improving connections between neighbourhoods and the layout of bus stops and taxi ranks in order to decongest the immediate area. The work signals the start of the transformation of Via Laietana, which will be defined via a participatory process which starts in Tuesday.

10/06/2018 10:26 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The square currently gives priority to traffic and splits the neighbourhoods on either side of the Via Laietana at this intersection: the Gòtic neighbourhood and the adjacent Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera.

The planned work includes eliminating the semi-circular traffic islands, widening footpaths, creating new meeting places there and a new central pedestrian crossing seven metres wide. This will facilitate mobility on foot, opening up the space for greater use by the public.

The taxi rank, bus stops and bus stops in C/ Doctor Joaquim Pou and the centre of the square will also be repositioned, with the tourist bus stops being eliminated. This should reduce the build-up of vehicles in a spot which currently suffers from traffic congestion.

The future square will also get LED street lighting, new trees and new signage to adapt to the new layout. The total budget for the project is 1.9 million euros.

Local residents to have a say in the future of the Via Laietana

The revamp of Plaça d’Antoni Maura has been defined using input from local residents and forms part of the municipal government measure to make the Via Laietana more resident-friendly.

The plan also includes the removal of the statue of Antonio López, improvements to school approach paths and a participatory process to define the overall remodelling of the street, which gets under way on Tuesday. The period of analysis and debate among local residents should run until September and includes information sessions, local routes and workshops.

In anticipation of the project to remodel the street, improvements will be made to pavements this summer and damaged elements repaired.


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