Work tendered to build a centre for social services and organisations in Trinitat Vella

Work has been tendered to build a new centre to house social services, local organisations and a women’s information and support point in the neighbourhood of Trinitat Vella, in Sant Andreu.

15/05/2019 11:27 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The project will be carried out on a site between Crta. Ribes, Av. Meridiana and the Ronda de Dalt. The site is currently a car park and was chosen with participation from local residents.

The building, to be used for cultural and administrative purposes, will have floor space of 2,330 square metres, distributed over four floors and two courtyards, with 1,155 square metres of outdoor space.

  • Ground floor: function room with 170 seats, a foyer, dressing rooms, a connecting area and a bar.
  • First floor: space for the Area of Social Services, with offices, working areas and meeting rooms, and a women’s information and support point, extending the range of services currently offered at the local community centre.
  • Second floor: spaces for neighbourhood entities, with offices, co-working spaces, meeting rooms and store rooms.
  • Third floor: multi-purpose spaces for workshops, meeting rooms, music rehearsal booths and changing rooms.

Greenery and outdoor activities

The outdoor area will be divided into three spaces: an esplanade with parterres, an area which can be used as a stage area or for open-air film screenings and a restricted area connecting with the store rooms for the building.

Work will start at the end of the year and take fourteen months.