Test period for a system on metro station platforms showing how full train carriages are

Three stations on the L5 metro line (Hospital Clínic, Entença and Sants Estació) are the first to trial a digital project for public transport. The trial is based on sensors in metro carriages to gauge the occupancy of each one and inform users in real time via screens on station platforms.

18/02/2020 17:23 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

With the aim of optimising train occupancy and improving passenger comfort, TMB and the City Council are running a pilot project to digitalise carriages to gauge how full each one is and classify occupancy on a scale of one to four. Information on each carriage will be displayed on the station platform when the train is approaching so that users can decide which carriage to get on.

The trial has started at three L5 stations (blue line) with mid to high volumes of passengers. The stations are Sants Estació, Hospital Clínic and Entença. TMB will be monitoring and evaluating the project to study the possibility of implementing it in other stations on the metro network.


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