The 48H Open House festival presents the most innovative public housing buildings in Barcelona

16/10/2019 16:47 h

Judith Vives Bellalta

The 48H Open House architecture festival reaches its tenth edition on October 26 and 27, with the collaboration of the Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation (IMHAB). This organisation that manages housing in the city has proposed four sites to visit for the Open Social category, which presents buildings designed and built for a social purpose and is one of the most popular in the festival. The visits, which do not require prior registration, will present some of the most innovative public housing buildings in the architectural field.

Four unique visits 

Can Fabra homes: This project is found in building G of the old Fabra i Coats factory and includes 46 social rental homes for young people. The construction used light materials, with a wooden structure for the homes and steel in the central hallways, in order to ensure the tenants’ independence with respect to the existing warehouse. This site can be visited on Sunday 27 from 11 to 19h.

Social and temporary housing on Tànger: A building with 46 public housing units organised in vertical blocks. It is a paradigmatic example of public housing buildings in the city of Barcelona in recent years: it creates public space, dignifies social rental housing, and is energetically sustainable. This site can be visited on Sunday 27 from 11 to 14h.

La Borda: A building located on Barcelona’s Carrer Constitució that represents a pioneering proposal. It’s a collective housing building owned by a cooperative, on land granted by the City Council through cession of use. The building is designed to promote community life and energy sustainability, and the entire building is planned for energy efficiency. This guided tour will take place on Saturday 26 at various times; at 11:00, 12:15, 13:30, 16:00, 17:15 and 18:30.

Cases Barates of Bon Pastor: A hybrid development made up of houses built in the 20s. The visit includes the exterior and interior of a well-preserved house with few modifications, which will allow the analysis of the changes and evolutions suffered over the years. This site can be visited on Sunday 27 from 11 to 14h.

A tribute to women architects 

The 48H Open House architecture festival, which lets you discover and get to know the urban landscape of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, ​​ pays tribute this year to all the forgotten women in architecture. The recognition is channeled through the figure of Pilar Casas Muro, a fictional architect, whose name and surnames are references to the world of construction, and who represents all the unnamed women in the history of architecture. Without these women, many of today’s great buildings would not exist.

As part of the tribute to female architects, the 48H Open House BCN festival has selected for its 2019 edition the work of 10 female architects to represent each of the different sections or geographical areas that make up the exhibition. For example, the renowned Benedetta Tagliabue is the representative of the Open Social category.

The IMHAB is also taking part in the tribute to women architects. Both the Can Fabra homes and the Tangier homes and accommodation, which can be visited, have two female architects, Mercè Berengué and Judith Leclerc, respectively.

In this year’s edition, the festival opens the doors of more than 200 buildings that are normally inaccessible to citizens, free of charge, and offers more than 30 itineraries and over 240 activities to learn about the urban environment of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

Consolidated categories

The 48H Open House BCN festival completes 10 years of life with a series of consolidated and popular categories such as the aforementioned Open Social, and others such as Open Green, Open Kitchen, Water Architecture and Open Infrastructure.

Other categories have to do with the geographical scope and the populations participating in the festival. Apart from Barcelona this year, L’Hospitalet del Llobregat, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Sant Joan Despí and Vilassar de Dalt are participating. Each of these cities will contribute with five visits in the BCN Open House, which this year represent 30% of buildings that did not participate in the previous editions, except for Vilassar de Dalt, where four visits will be made.

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