The Barcelona She-Mule celebrates its 450th anniversary in a year packed with events

18/01/2018 09:57 h

Esther Estela

This year marks the 450th anniversary of the first historical reference to the “Mulassa de Barcelona” or Barcelona She-Mule. As the entity responsible for the figure, the Friends of the Giants of El Pi Association are celebrating this landmark through a series of activities that will be filling up a good part of the 2018 calendar and which have just been presented.

The festive atmosphere will break out on Saturday, 20 January, when the “Mulassa” or She-Mule figure delivers the Tres Tombs festival’s opening speech and takes part in a solidarity event at Plaça del Pi to raise money for the Magic Line de Sant Joan de Déu. A talk will be given, on 27 January, on reclaiming Catalonia’s “She-Mule” figures within the We are Popular Culture framework.

The central celebratory event will be held in February, during the Santa Eulàlia festivities. An exhibition on “She-Mule” figures from around the Catalan-speaking lands will officially open on 3 February at the Palau de la Virreina. The exhibition will remain open to the public until 11 February, when the She-Mules will be taken out in the afternoon and paraded through the streets of Ciutat Vella. The festival will kick off in Plaça de Sant Jaume, where the She-Mule will blow out the candles celebrating its 450th anniversary!

February will also see the She-Mule taking part in the Magic Line de Sant Joan de Déu solidarity walk and presenting a rubber-doll version of itself, thereby expanding the collection of rubber-doll versions of the El Pi family’s giants and beasts.

Here since this March, the She-Mule will be playing a star role in some of the main events of the Sant Josep Oriol festivities, the El Pi neighbourhood’s big annual festival or “festa major”. April will see the presentation of an illustrated book entitled ‘Petita història de la Mulassa de Barcelona’ [A brief history of Barcelona’s She-Mule] as well as an exhibition held at the La Casa dels Entremesos explaining the history of the figure.

Besides these events, the She-Mule will also be taking part in the traditional festivals on the Barcelona festivities calendar (Corpus Christi, the La Mercè festival etc.,) along with a whole host of further events and surprises still to come.