The bell tower of Sants Just i Pastor is open to the public

10/03/2015 14:37 h

Susagna Alcón

The renovation of the basilica has meant that guided tours are now organised to discover an important historical and artistic legacy. Archaeological remains from the 6th century have been unearthed underneath the church, and paintings by Josep Mirabent i Bartomeu Ribó in 1857 have been discovered on the dome of the Santíssim i dels Nous Màrtirs chapel.

Video ‘The bell tower of Sants Just i Pastor is open to the public’

The Sants Màrtirs Just i Pastor basilica is now a new point of historical and artistic interest in the city following completion of renovation work on the building. The work has conditioned the building’s spaces to be able to offer guided tours. Visitors will be able to stroll across gothic terraces, now uncovered, and access the upper section of the bell tower, which offers spectacular views of the city.

However, it’s inside the church where the work has meant the discovery of some valuable historical and artistic finds. A glass floor makes 6th century archaeological remains visible, and demonstrates that St. Just was part of the Christian faith. There is also a privileged tomb, believed to be that of a bishop, and a baptismal pool in the shape of a cross where a bishop performed baptisms of neophyte adults.

The Santíssim i dels Nous Màrtirs chapel has also been renovated, and also hid some surprises. Thanks to the renovation work, paintings by Josep Mirabent i Bartomeu Ribó have been discovered. The paintings are from 1857 and represent the four parts of the passion and the resurrection. The basilica is open every day from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm, and from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm for prayer and mass. From now on, guided tours will also be offered.