"The big sports challenge"

06/05/2016 09:03 h

Institut Barcelona Esports

A project created by and for teenagers

“The big challenge” is a CET10 Foundation project launched in collaboration with Barcelona City Council, designed by teenagers who are not just its central players but also its precursors: it was they who chose what they wanted to include in this innovative and dynamic offering. That way children aged 11 to 17 will be able to try out several sports disciplines and enjoy displays from specialists in a variety of sports where physical activity is the driving force for passing on values and promoting healthy habits.

Such activities and sports will include: beach volley; synchronised swimming; futtoc, where a football is passed from one side to another over a ping-pong table; ultimate, where a frisbee team game, and where they referees are the players themselves; roller; scooter; mountain bike trials; skate, which is performed in urban spaces; dapostar, an eight-pointed fabric star that involves juggling and other things, individually or as a group; self-defence and martial arts; an opportunity to take part in urban dances; learning the arts of the circus; parkour free running; online games; activities up in the Barcelona Urban Wood; fitness, and wellness.

What does “The Big Challenge” offer?

“The Big Challenge” offers you a chance to learn and try out sports and very unusual curricular and extracurricular activities and which prove to be extremely stimulating and creative. In addition, it is aimed at encouraging teenagers to take up more sport and, what’s more, offering continuity in such pursuits up to adulthood; it is meant to improve its participants’ motor skills, make them more independent and teach them healthy habits through physical activities.

The same project regularly plays host to educational conferences and workshops on food, sexuality, addictions, violence, school bullying and time management, among other things.

You will find full information on its website