The CUESB takes in 235 homeless people for three nights during the cold snap

The warning stage of the city’s cold weather operation was activated by social services while night time temperatures hovered around freezing point and saw the municipal centre provide shelter for 235 people over three nights.

11/02/2018 11:39 h


On Thursday 8 February, the warning stage of the cold weather operation was activated following the forecast of a sharp drop in temperatures. Over three nights, the Barcelona Social Emergency and Urgent Care Centre (CUESB) took to the streets to find people sleeping rough and offer them a short stay at the CUESB. The centre has 100 beds and offers washing facilities, food and drink and a locker room service.

The cold weather operation put nine vehicles out on the streets every day over the three days, along with 30 professionals and volunteers from the CUESB, the Red Cross and the municipal Social Intervention Service (SIS). The warning stage will remain in place over the coming days, meaning the 72 additional places at the Emergency Night Shelter (CANE) will still be available.

The latter opened on 29 November and since then has handled 4.922 overnights stays and the same number of breakfasts. Other services extended included 4,650 evening meals, 3,695 showers, storage of personal belongings on 3,153 occasions and nursing care on 181 occasions.


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