The Energy-Savings Marathon reaches the City Council

For the first time ever, 47 municipal facilities will be taking part in the Energy-Savings Marathon this year. Good practice relating to energy consumption and saving is being promoted in February. The savings achieved will go towards an energy rights project in the neighbourhoods of La Marina.

05/02/2018 17:00 h

Anna Tapia

Some fifty municipal buildings are promoting the campaign to foster good practice in the use and consumption of energy during one of the coldest months of the year, when energy consumption is at its highest. The idea is to cut consumption around these buildings by at least 10%.

Cutting electricity and water consumption helps mitigate the effects of climate change, and the City Council “wants to set an example in the rational use of energy”, explained the Deputy Mayor for Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility, Janet Sanz.

The facilities taking part in the marathon are:

  • district offices
  • four municipal managers’ offices
  • community centres
  • municipal sports centres
  • schools and colleges

In order to monitor energy savings, weekly consumption checks will be made at each facility and at the end of the Energy-Savings Marathon a comparison will be made with their consumption over the last three years. All savings achieved will go to the energy rights project ‘We’re putting all our energy into La Marina’s neighbourhoods’. “We understand it as a right, not a commodity, and as ever, what we need to do is save and also generate more energy from renewable sources”, noted Sanz.

Energy savings and improvement programme

The marathon is part of the energy savings and improvement programme in municipal buildings (PEMEEM), which has the goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions around municipal facilities by 20% between now and 2020, the equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 1,300 families. “Not only do we have to produce more renewable energy, but we also have to reduce consumption. That’s why it’s essential to work together with the public”, pointed out the Councillor for Water and Energy, Eloi Badia.

The programme represents an investment of 8.17 million euros and entails various measures. These include optimising supply via the future public electricity distributor, the renovation of energy installations, LED and movement sensors to replace obsolete lighting systems and awareness initiatives for a more rational use of energy.


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