The green roof competition is now open for entries

The aim of creating green roofs is to make a greener, more sustainable, more habitable and healthy city for the city's residents.

26/07/2017 10:10 h

Ecologia Urbana

Daniel Mòdol, councillor for Architecture, Landscape and Heritage, has declared that “as many spaces as possible in the city should be made into green spaces. Side walls have been added to the traditional green spaces and now it’s the turn of rooftops”.

Green roofs are one of the key means of achieving a greener and more sustainable city, as established in government measures such as the Barcelona Green and Biodiversity Plan for 2012 -2020. And the Programme for Promoting the Urban Green Infrastructure.

A sustainable space with great social benefits

Green roofs can include green spaces, urban allotments for personal consumption, spaces for social use, rainwater harvesting systems, and they are compatible with the installation of renewable energy sources.

They therefore offer multiple benefits: for social relationships, their impact on thermal comfort and air quality, creating new green spaces, benefits for the urban landscape, favouring biodiversity, their impact on the city’s water cycle, energy saving, etc.

Within this context, and to foster these measures, a competition is being held to promote the creation of green roofs.

Competition terms and conditions

Subsidies will be awarded for the creation of ten green roofs in the city, preferably on residential buildings, but also on other buildings with a major impact on the landscape or capable of bringing about collective and social improvements.

Fifty proposals will initially be selected and awarded an initial grant of €1,500 to carry out the preliminary technical work. Out of these 50 projects, ten finalists will be chosen which will receive a subsidy of up to 75% of the cost of all the initiatives and technical studies that need to be carried out (project, rates, taxes, etc.,) up to a limit of €100,000 for each roof.

Barcelona City Council, through the Municipal Institute for Urban Landscape, is promoting this competition with the support of the working group “Cobertes Mosaic”, made up of organisations signed up to the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2012-2022 (members of the More Sustainable Barcelona network) who work to develop initiatives in a collaborative way to make Barcelona a more habitable city.

Monday 13 November is the deadline for submitting entries for the pre-selection stage, from which 50 proposals will be selected.

More information.

A sustainable short-term measure

In recent years, Barcelona has made a firm commitment to creating a more sustainable city.

As part of this commitment, various strategies have been put forward to reduce the city’s vulnerability to climate change.

One of these strategies, which the City Council wants to promote in the short term, is the creation of green roofs in order to improve citizens’ quality of life in four ways: socially, economically, environmentally and to improve the quality of the landscape.