The new LGBTI Centre, a pioneering space for sexual and gender diversity

The Barcelona LGBTI Centre will be brimming with activities to celebrate its opening. The centre, a municipal service offered by Barcelona City Council and managed by the Platform for LGBTI Entities in Catalonia, is the city’s leading facility for LGBTI. Besides offering information, orientation and direct support services, the centre will also give a voice to artistic expression and collective action.

16/01/2019 12:15 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Barcelona LGBTI Centre opens on Saturday 19 January, with an open day full of activities for the general public. From 11 am through until 10 pm the LGBTI centre and the section of C/ Comte Borrell between C/ Parlament and C/ Marqès de Campo Sagrado will fill with musical performances, family activities and other creative proposals. Inside the centre there’ll be a series of art interventions with different creators inviting reflection on a diverse range of questions such as personal identity, the creation of community and historical memory. The activities will also highlight the historical struggle of the LGBTI movement to get their rights recognised, the emphasis being on the challenges still faced at present.

After a brief institutional ceremony at the stage in C/ Comte Borrell at 12 noon, the Art i Part collective will be offering the participatory performance Eixam i rauxa. The show will be performed again at 6.30 pm. As from 1.30 pm, DJ Dgeral will be inviting everyone to dance. At the same time, various children’s workshops will be offered in collaboration with the FLG (LGBTI family association), so that everybody can join in the fun, regardless of age. The day rounds off at 10 pm with music from DJ Set.

A facility for sexual and gender diversity

The Barcelona LGBTI Centre is located at C/ Comte Borrell, 22, and is intended as an open and inclusive space, connected to the reality of the local neighbourhood. Because of this it is organising the open day to coincide with the local festival in Sant Antoni.

Besides providing information, orientation and direct support services, the facility wants to be a space for artistic expression and stand up for the historical memory of the LGBTI movement, where the long struggle by the community to get their rights recognised is reflected.

The Platform for LGBTI Entities in Catalonia, the federation bringing together various organisations standing up for LGBTI rights, will manage the centre and use its experience and volunteers to help it thrive.


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