The new Turó de la Peira Municipal Sports Centre officially opens

01/06/2019 08:58 h

Institut Barcelona Esports

This weekend saw the official opening of the new CEM del Turó de la Peira, in the Nou Barris district. This is a new innovative building that is almost zero consumption and which has two sports spaces: a pavilion and a swimming.

The entire facility was designed under sustainability criteria. And that is because the building was designed for maximum performance: solar orientation, green facade and thermal insulation etc. What is more, it generates renewable energy through photovoltaic panels.

The facility’s building project, which was drafted in 2015, also includes additional facilities, such as changing rooms and offices. Demolition work on the old swimming pool began in July 2016 and construction work on the new building started in November of that same year.

One of the new centre’s aims is to reclaim the free space inside the block from the old Calderón de la Barca swimming pool to the Turó de la Peira Municipal Sports Track as a green area for local residents. That is why the two old facilities, the swimming pool and the track, have been brought together under the same roof.

An inauguration party open to everyone was held this Saturday, to showcase the new facilities to the public for the first time, and which was attended by Commissioner for Sport, Marta Carranza. The event offered several activities planned throughout the morning, including watergym and water-aerobic sessions for young children.

A talk was also given on non-violence in Sport, run by CFS Montsant, and with a communal lunch. The event was rounded off with a presentation from the CFS Montsant’s teams. See the programme.