The Porta neighbourhood gains a new park with the transformation of Plaça de Sóller

The revamped Plaça de Sóller will have more greenery and rest areas, making it more accessible and inviting people to take a stroll there. The project has been agreed on with local residents and should take 15 months, starting in October. The budget for the work is 4.5 million euros.

13/05/2018 13:08 h


The future Plaça de Sóller will act as a large green space with over a hundred new trees, more vegetation and bushes distributed all around it. Accessibility at the square will be improved with the side arches being removed and new curbless paving in C/ Estudiant connecting with Pg. Ciuat de Mallorca. Various new paths will also cross the square, connecting with local facilities.

A large multi-purpose and social space will be created in the middle of the square and the pond next to the Ateneu la Bòbila building will be kept. Various rest areas with new urban furniture will also be a feature, some of them with children’s play areas and exercise apparatus for the elderly, as well as a recreation area for dogs and an agora area where events can be organised.

At the same time, the Ateneu la Bòbila community centre is to be extended and its facilities adapted accordingly, making it a pavilion inside the new park, accessed from the square itself and also maintaining the entrance in C/ Estudiant. The work to extend the centre is due to start in January 2019 and take a year, with a budget of 3.1 million euros.