The Spanish State is being called on to invest 40 million euros in public transport

The increased number of passengers using the metropolitan public transport network is compelling the authorities to making an economic effort in offering transport to cover the public’s needs. Even so, the Spanish State is the only authority not to have failed to raise its investments but also to cut them. The last few years have seen it cut investments in the metropolitan public transport system by 540 million euros.

23/12/2017 14:04 h


The Spanish State’s investment cuts come in stark contrast to the increases made by of Barcelona City Council, which has raised its investment in public transport by 86% over the last seven years so it can promote sustainable mobility, through quality public transport, and reduce the city’s atmospheric pollution.

The number of public-transport passengers has risen by 40 million over this period. In order to provide a public service that covers the public’s needs, the City Council has called on the Spanish government to reverse its investment cuts and increase its public-transport contribution form 108 million to 148 million euros. That contribution would help to bring about structural improvements on the transport network and enable fares to be frozen for 2018.

The Metropolitan Transport Authority’s Board of Directors will be meeting up on 28 December to establish fares for the coming year, depending on the contributions received from the various authorities.


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