The whole 22@ in a single office

The new 22@ Technical Office opens on Monday 14 December and will focus support for businesses and individuals in the spheres the economy, urban planning and socio-cultural matters in the Poblenou area.

13/12/2020 10:05 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The office is in the MediaTIC building and is physically integrated with the Business Support Office operated by Barcelona Activa. It offers face-to-face and online support, acting as a one-stop-shop for all business and urban planning procedures relating to projects in the 22@.

Besides the traditional tasks of providing information and advice, the office will be working on a second stage to attract and provide support for quality public and private investment initiatives, local or international, and helping them through the necessary administrative steps.

What services are offered?

  • One-stop business shop for the 22@: initial bearings and advice on regulations and procedures relating to planning, the usage plan and the start of economic activity or production.
  • Governance and coordination: to organise and establish necessary links with the different stakeholders at an intermunicipal level for the roll-out of different policies and action in the 22@.
  • Coordination of municipally driven projects: from the twofold perspective of urban planning and economic promotion, according to the Pact for the 22@ (C/ Pere IV and C/ Cristóbal de Moura etc.).
  • International promotion and attracting of investment for the development of initiatives which are in line with the city project promoted by the City Council.
  • Communication, knowledge and promotion of the 22@: to centralise the generation of data and knowledge on the 22@ project and to promote it at home and abroad. Centralisation of support for different national and international profiles seeking information, visits and other matters relating to the promotion of the 22@.

More housing and reuse of premises

The office provides a boost for the management of land set aside for housing, as well as support for public and private initiatives in this sphere. It will also help coordinate the various programmes for putting unused spaces to use, such as the conversion of former factories into spaces for creation, production, display and creative distribution.

Part of the 22@ plan

The technical office was a focal part of the 22@ Plan “Towards a sustainable and inclusive city model”, a measure developed with the participation of socio-economic and community stakeholders in the district.

The new office will be working in coordination with the Manager’s Office for the Economy, Resources and Economic Promotion and the Manager’s Office for Urban Planning. It will report directly to the Municipal Institute for Urban Planning and to Barcelona Activa. Public leadership in this area is considered a key factor for getting the full potential out of the urban synergies operating in the district.


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