Third package of support measures for culture, education, science and the community

The city’s cultural, educational, scientific and community network is to get a new boost with another set of support measures, the third of its kind since the outbreak of the pandemic. The package consists of eight measures and a budget of 6.19 million euros, which comes from the fund of 90 million euros set up to cope with the Covid-19 crisis and in addition to the 3.5 million euros from the two previous plans.

15/10/2020 15:37 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new measures, conceived with a much more cross-cutting perspective and also catering for experiences in the spheres of education, science and community action, are:

Boost for municipal grants

New calls will be issued for 225 grants in 15 different categories to promote cultural creation, research and innovation in culture, science and education. In this respect, the City of Barcelona Awards will be transformed and become part of Beques Barcelona.

The amounts available are 10,000 euros for project grants and 6,000 euros for support and creation grants. The overall budget in this area is 3 million euros, of which 1.2 million corresponds to scientific research projects.

Promoting creators through the acquisition of artwork

The Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB) is to purchase visual artwork from creators through the MACBA, enabling a collection to be created which is relevant to new generations who have not yet been part of public collections. This will also mean financial resources reach the art network. This measure has an initial budget of 600,000 euros.

Promotion of artistic creation in contemporary music and opera

The ICUB will also be developing a joint programme with L’Auditori, the Palau de la Música and the Liceu to implement a grant system to promote contemporary music and opera by new creators. The budget for this measure is 350,000 euros.

Digitisation of museums and heritage centres

Technological equipment will be purchased for the production, reconversion, digitisation and online dissemination of content from heritage facilities. This measure should have a budget of 172,000 euros, which will used to:

  • Film and photograph permanent exhibitions in 360 degrees.
  • Acquire technological equipment for the production and dissemination of online activities.
  • Reconvert and offer content to enable online visits.
  • Improve internet connections in public spaces and heritage centres.
  • Acquire magnetic audio induction loops for the hearing-impaired.
  • Install adhesive safety layers on touch-sensitive terminals.

Acquisition of tablets to ensure access to digital education resources

Barcelona’s library network and the Barcelona Education Consortium are to acquire tablets to guarantee access to digital education resources for the most vulnerable students who are obliged to pursue their studies from home due to their having to isolate. This will also facilitate access to the online educational resources available via the platform. The budget for this measure is 825,000 euros.

Plan to strengthen municipal schools

The Barcelona Municipal Education Institute is to implement a plan to strengthen and guarantee quality of service at the 102 municipal nursery schools, through four measures:

  • Service from educators strengthened.
  • Purchase of hygienic, safety and prevention materials.
  • Acquisition of furniture and materials to separate spaces.
  • Support for school staff and for families.

The estimate cost of this measure is 1,041,000 euros.

‘Enriching afternoons’ school support programme

Academic support for pupils in their third or fourth year at primary school in neighbourhoods with higher levels of social inequalities. The programme will help them improve their reading comprehension skills, oral expression and maths abilities, compensating for the shortcomings they may have encountered during lockdown. The programme has a budget of 150,000 euros.

Boost for the network of community centres

A budget of 50,000 euros will be used to help cover the costs of managing and facilitating activity at community centres. This innovative formula for public and community collaboration will help promote the city’s social fabric and its associations, including community networks.


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