Thirty fines for souvenir shops near the Park Güell

Steps have been taken to fine thirty souvenir shops around the Park Güell and the Casa Vicens for sales irregularities. The goal is to guarantee a balance between local life and tourism, as well as to protect neighbourhood commerce.

30/10/2019 16:42 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The fines come within the context of the special plan regulating commercial establishments, which affects the district of Ciutat Vella, the areas around the Sagrada Família, the Casa Vicens, the Camp Nou, the Park Güell and the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni.

The plan limits the opening of new establishments and sets out specific conditions on the sale of products. In the case of shops where souvenirs do not account for more than 20% of the floor space in the premises, these items should not be visible from the street and should be grouped together inside the shop.

Throughout the year a team of inspectors have been informing shops covered by the new plan about what they can and can’t sell, but only a couple of shops have corrected the irregularities detected.


  • € 500 for having products in the shop window, not grouped together or visible from the street.
  • € 3000 for not having a licence.
  • € 6000 for not having a licence or not able to be made legal.

Local people as the priority

The modification to the special plan regulating souvenir shops aims to improve the balance between the progressive growth in tourism and city people’s everyday lives.

The plan also seeks to protect commerce in the neighbourhood, often displaced by souvenir shops.

The fines also form part of the Park Güell strategic plan as one of the 200 measures for recovering the surrounding area for use by local people, diversifying the use of shop space, adding vitality to the park and improving mobility.


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