Towards the public management of water

Seven municipalities in the metropolitan area have set up the Catalan Association of Municipalities and Entities for the Public Management of Water (AMAP). The seven municipalities are: Barcelona, Badalona, Cerdanyola del Vallès, El Prat de Llobregat, Sabadell, Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Terrassa. The non-profit association has the goal of promoting the public management of water provision and services.

21/07/2017 14:34 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The creation of the new association for the public management of water was presented on 22 March for World Water Day, when the mayors of the seven participating municipalities signed a protocol setting out their commitment to setting up the network.

The AMAP has been conceived as a non-profit association, with the aim of promoting the public management of water and providing support for any municipality opting for this management model. The association is made up of the seven municipalities which signed the commitment, although others are welcome to join.

The assembly to formally constitute the AMAP is due to be held in December, with more municipalities and entities expected to be involved. The association will be based in the BCASA (Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua, SA) building, although in the future it may be based in any of the other member municipalities.

The AMAP will provide support for all municipalities opting for the public management of water and organise various activities, such as collaboration with other cities or social, ecological and academic organisations, trade unions or water operators working with public water management models; the creation of its own communications, organisation of meetings, seminars and courses; the promotion of technical debate and research into water management, and other action to influence public policy relating to water management.

The creation of the AMAP is a step forward in promoting the public management of water, with public service criteria, transparency and good governance, the lowest price and the greatest level of service. The latest full council session approved the statutes for Barcelona to form part of the AMAP, with favourable votes from the municipal government (BComú and PSC), ERC, CUP Capgirem Bareclona, the abstention of the independent councillor and votes against from the Grup Municipal Demòcrata, Cs and the PP.


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