Three projects to be tested to create temporary areas of shade in public space

The prototypes must improve temperatures during the heatwaves caused by climate change and are to be applied in spaces where trees cannot be planted. The projects were created in response to the challenge by the Fundació BIT Habitat and the Office for Climate Change and Sustainability, and were presented at Barcelona Innova Week.

14/11/2023 13:21 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The ideas chosen meet some of the requisites as they have sustainable temporary structures: modular, flexible and adaptable pieces, hard-wearing and recyclable materials, easy storage and assembly and guarantees over safety and accessibility.

  • “Oasis, shade for all”, by the team made up of Denvelops and Eurecat: small-format pieces that move with the wind and combine different densities.
  • “Sea of shade”, by the Batec cooperative hub: basic module imitating the style of greenhouses.
  • “In the shade of the trencadís”, by Arquitectura de Contacte and with a collaboration agreement with Tall Fusta: technical columns with two panels, one at ground level and one providing shade.

The test period starts in May and will last six months. The locations of the structures are still to be decided, but will include a conventional street, a children’s play area and a large city space.

The projects were developed in response to the challenge launched by the Fundació BIT Habitat and the Office for Climate Change and Sustainability to find solutions that adapt public space to the consequences of the climate emergency and reduce the impact of the heat island effect in the summer months.

The projects were presented at Barcelona Innova Week, a municipal initiative to highlight the projects implemented in the city.


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