Twenty-five medals for people who make Barcelona a better place

The final full council meeting of the current term of office approved Barcelona’s medals of honour for 2019. The awards are the City Council’s way of recognising city people and entities which promote citizen awareness, harmony and civic values through their professional work, or their role as associations in the sphere of participation, volunteer work, associations, sport and culture.

03/05/2019 13:33 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Every year 25 medals are awarded, 5 by the full council and 20 by the districts. The medals recognise the work of organisations and individuals in the realm of community action and participation, the defence of people’s rights and dignity, action by local people committed to improving the city’s neighbourhoods, culture, leisure and sport.

Three proposals for posthumous medals stand out this year. Joaquín Calvo Jaques, former president of honour at the Reial Club de Polo de Barcelona, chair of the Cercle del Liceu and member of the City Council, was recognised for his public importance in fostering sport and culture. Recognition also went to Joan Balañach Lloret, member of the Sagrada Família residents’ association, second vice-chair of the Barcelona federation of residents’ association and vice-chair of the City and Tourism Council, as a leading figure on housing matters, public space and tourism in the field of local residents’ associations. Finally, Ramon Calabuch, Moncho, Gràcia’s king of bolero, part of the musical memory of many city residents, in recognition of his artistic career.

Barcelona medals of honour for 2019

The full council awarded medals to:

  • Sílvia Munt i Quevedo, for her outstanding career as an actress in theatre, film, television, and as a film director.
  • Lola de la Fuente, for her work as the General Director of the Associació Esclat, devoted to providing care and services for people psychological disabilities and their families.
  • Carme Trilla i Bellart, for her commitment to the right to housing.
  • Joaquín Calvo Jaques (posthumously), for his public importance in fostering sport and culture.
  • Joan Balañach Lloret (posthumously), as a leading figure in housing, public space and tourism in the sphere of local residents’ associations.

The districts proposed Barcelona gold medals for:

Ciutat Vella

  • Alfons Solà, in recognition of his involvement as an activist in the world of commerce in the neighbourhood of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera.
  • El Mirador del Inmigrante, on the twentieth anniversary of this newspaper for the Pakistani population in Barcelona and Catalonia, for its social integration work.


  • Centre Esplai Totikap, for its essential work in the education of values among children and young people in their free time over the last thirty years in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni.
  • Gisela Boronat, for her work in defence of the rights of local people in the neighbourhood of Fort Pienc and for fostering the creation of organisations which give the neighbourhood character and personality.


  • Carles Vallejo Calderón, for his outstanding trajectory as a trade union activist in defence of civil and political liberty.
  • Castellers del Poble-sec, on their twentieth anniversary, in recognition of their role as a social and cultural entity in the Poble-sec neighbourhood.

Les Corts

  • Eix Comercial Sants – Les Corts, for its role as a shopping hub promoting local commerce and favouring social cohesion in the neighbourhoods.
  • Associació de les Companyies de Teatre de l’Auditori de les Corts (ACTAC), in recognition of the association’s work promoting grass roots culture, as a pillar for the civil society and for enriching the range of theatre performed in the city.

Sarrià – Sant Gervasi

  • Jordi Llorach i Cendra, for his role in associations to improve life conditions in the neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi – Galvany, improving public space and collaboration with the district.
  • Inout Hostel Barcelona, for its social integration and labour insertion work with people with diverse capacities and its commitment to the environment and sustainability.


  • Ramón Calabuch Batista, Moncho (posthumously), in recognition for his artistic career, particularly for his outstanding contribution to the world of bolero.
  • Centre Moral i Instructiu de Gràcia, for its 150 years of history as an institute of reference in Vila de Gràcia, fostering work by associations, training, culture and leisure.


  • Comissió de Festes del Carmel, for its role as an association fostering citizen participation in the neighbourhood of El Carmel.
  • Grup de Dones de la Teixonera, in recognition of its social role and work to dignify women in society, carried out in the neighbourhood of La Teixonera.

Nou Barris

  • Associació de Gent Gran de Torre Baró, for promoting senior citizens in the neighbourhood of Torre Baró through various recreational and cultural activities, as well as its involvement in improving life conditions in the neighbourhood.
  • Associació de Veïns i Veïnes de Prosperitat, for its dynamism and the way it fights for the neighbourhood of La Prosperitat and backs local projects for social cohesion.

Sant Andreu

  • Virginia Cierco Aparicio, for her participatory work in favour of integration and harmony in the community in the neighbourhood of Bon Pastor.
  • Associació de Veïns Congrés Indians, for its 50 years of work to improve the life conditions of local people in the neighbourhood of El Congrés i els Indians.

Sant Martí

  • Montserrat Milà Estrada, for her long-standing involvement in associations in the neighbourhood of Poblenou in defence of civic and social values.
  • Leonor Valero Alcantud, for having helped to improve life conditions in the neighbourhoods in the district of Sant Martí and for her work for local people and entities.

Gold medals for civic merit and sporting merit

The full council also approved the gold medal for civic merit for the Escola d’Adults de la Verneda – Sant Martí in recognition of over forty years of work for community life in the neighbourhood of La Verneda, promoting learning and volunteer work.

Approval was also given to award the gold medal for sporting merit to Juli Pernas for his extensive professional devotion, from the municipal administration, to managing sport in Barcelona. Also, for his complementary sports trajectory, mainly devoted to federated and Olympic sport.


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