Weekend: Popular athletics with the Correbarri, films made in Barcelona and theatre for young people

This weekend brings the seventh edition of the ‘Correbarri’, a running event to see which of the city’s ten districts is the quickest. The Pantalla Barcelona festival is on too, screening films recently shot or produced in Barcelona at four community centres and three cinemas between now and mid-December. Elsewhere, the RBLS festival is on from 11 to 13 October and uses new performing arts formats to explore the interests and concerns of young people between the ages of 13 and 20.

10/10/2018 13:55 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

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This year’s edition of the Correbarri popular run gets under way at 9 am on Sunday 14 October. Besides competing individually, runners also represent one of the city’s ten districts, with each district competing as a team and wearing its own colour.

The final classification is based on the first 35 finishers and the first 15 finishers from each district. The run follows a 10 km route starting and finishing in Plaça del Mar, in the Barceloneta neighbourhood. The district of Sant Martí won the first four editions of this competition, with Sant Andreu taking the honours the last two years.

Film festival

The second edition of the Pantalla Barcelona festival started this week and between now and 12 December offers seven full-length films and seven short films recently shot or produced in Barcelona. The films will be shown at four community centres and three different cinemas around the city.

The festival aims to stimulate and consolidate the promotion of films shot or produced in Barcelona, introducing them to local audiences. Works being shown include La piel fría, by Xavier Gens; Tots els camins de Déu, by Gemma Ferraté; La llibreria, by Isabel Coixet; Tierra firme, by Carlos Marqués-Marcet, and the fictional documentary Transeúntes, by Luis Allier. See the full programme here.

Young people’s theatre interests

The RBLS performing arts festival is also on until Saturday and is designed for young people to engage with theatre, particularly youngsters between the ages of 13 and 20. The festival is on at the Teatre Tantarantana and offers a chance to see innovative plays in new formats, such as El agitador VórtexCospress  and Los bancos regalan sandwicheras y chorizos. The festival also offers workshops on theatre music choreography, sensorial theatre and writing for theatre.


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