Weekend: Routes around women’s Barcelona, museums and an epic marathon

Following the women’s strike on 8 March, the weekend brings activities which speak up for the crucial role of all women throughout history, from family carers to rebels and avant-garde figures. Besides exhibitions in all neighbourhoods, Saturday offers organised routes around women’s Barcelona. Elsewhere, La Virreina is offering a chance to visit the exhibition ‘Portraits of the Multitude’, which looks at the impact of information technology. On Sunday it’s time for the marathon, once again bringing that epic spirit of personal achievement.

09/03/2018 12:52 h


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International Women’s Day is on 8 March and this year coincided with a women’s strike. A series of acts with a pro-women message are planned in various neighbourhoods this weekend.

The city’s civic centres are organising seven routes around women’s Barcelona, praising the role of feminist great grandmothers, fighters, rebels and avant-garde women at the start of the 20th century, during the Second Republic or the dictatorship which followed. The routes being conducted on Saturday morning are: La ciutat i les pioneres (CC Vallvidrera-Vázquez Montalbán); Besàvies feministes (CC Cotxeres Borrell); La ruta de la Barcelona de les dones rebels (CC La Teixonera) and BarcelonDONA (CC Pere Pruna).

Various exhibitions have also been organised focusing on women and the fight for equality, including: Montserrat Roig, 1977. Memòria i Utopia (El Born CCM); Dones artistes, avui (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern); Quanta guerra. Dones i guerra civil (Biblioteca Montserrat Abelló); Visibilització del treball de cura (Biblioteca Nou Barris); Imatges per pensar (Biblioteca Bon Pastor). Check out all activities here.

Two days to visit museums

An exhibition at the Virreina Centre de la Imatge  looks at the work of the North American artist Natalie Bookchin (New York, 1962). Portraits of the Multitude brings together seven audio-visual works exploring the paradoxes of the everyday use of new technology. Drawing on the aesthetics of databases, social media and the collaborative economy, the artist combines hundreds of online videos recorded first-hand.

Sunday is the last day to see the exhibition The Hurt of Hipercor. Barcelona 1987 at the Espai Zero at the MUHBA Fabra i Coats site. At the MUHBA site in Plaça del Rei there’s a chance to visit the exhibition El port franc i la fàbrica de Barcelona, a retrospective look at the history of the Zona Franca and the political, economic, urban and environmental impact it has had on the history of Barcelona. On Sunday afternoon, various city museums offer free admission from 3 pm onwards.

The epic marathon experience

This Sunday brings an athletics classic: the marathon. On 11 March athletes from all over the world will be getting together for the 40th edition of the Zurich Marató de Barcelona. The run marks four decades and sticks with a route which takes in the city’s main tourist attractions. The run is at the centre of a weekend of sports, with acts for all sectors of the public.

Runners in this year’s marathon include last year’s surprise winner, Jonah Kipkemoi, and four sportspeople who took part in the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992: the rower Natàlia Via-Dufresne, the walker Jesús Ángel García Bragado, the basketball player Tomàs Jofresa and the water polo player Dani Ballart.



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