Weekend: the City of Dreams, the Nose Race and the Kings of the Orient’s Factory

2017 is about to end. Notable offerings among the many recreational, cultural and sports activities being held over the Christmas festivities in the city, include two for children and another for everyone: The City of Dreams is a space where kids aged 4 to 12 can discover the world of professions and trades. The Kings of the Orient’s Factory will be filling Fabra i Coats with light, colours and Christmas magic. The Nose Race, which takes place on the afternoon of 31 December, offers an end to the year doing sport and with fun.

27/12/2017 16:49h


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This year’s Children’s Festival is entering a new stage and presenting a recreational and educational offering called The City of Dreams, a space that enables the city’s children to discover the world of professions and trades.

Twelve buildings were put up between 27 and 30 December in Fira de Barcelona’s Montjuïc grounds, representing twelve professional sectors, where recreational activities linked to each profession are being held. The City of Dreams is aimed at promoting training and values in civic behaviour and respect among children.

The colours and magic of Christmas

The Kings of the Orient’s Factory will be filling the Fabra i Coats’ grounds with light, colours and magic over the coming Christmas days, from 27 December to 4 January. Your young ones will be able to go all around the grounds and discover its hidden secrets.

Barcelona’s children will be able to see how the thousands of letters received and that gifts are organised which the Three Kings of the Orient will be handing out all over the city on the night of 5 January. And they will also be able to deliver the letters with all the things they ask them for.

Seeing off 2017 with sport and fun

The Nose Race, the last athletics race of the year in the city, takes place at 5.30 pm on 31 December. It will be a healthy and fun way for its participants to see off the year. The route will be the same as the one from previous editions, setting off and finishing at Carrer de la Selva de Mar, in the Fòrum area.

The organisers have prepared a few new features for this edition, including a fire show at the set-off point and finishing line, a fancy-dress contest and draws for participants. Round off 2017 doing sport and having fun!


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