Where can I park my motorcycle?

A new campaign gets under way to inform motorcyclists where they can park their vehicles in the green streets of Consell de Cent, Rocafort, Comte Borrell and Girona. Stages with notifications and fines will follow at a later date. Motorcycles will not be allowed to park in these four streets as pedestrians have priority. At the same time, specific signage is already being installed to indicate the parking prohibition.

02/02/2023 14:03 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

An information drive has been launched this month to explain the regulations on parking motorcycles in the green streets in L’Eixample and the alternative options available. The campaign will be followed by a notification stage, with riders being notified of parking infringements, and finally, the City Police will start imposing fines and removing badly parked motorcycles.

Where can I park my motorcycle?

  • In road spaces with specific parking areas. In L’Eixample there are 13,637 places, and citywide there are over 70,000.
  • On pavements, if there is no signage prohibiting it, angle parking if there is a space of more than 6 metres to get past, and in parallel if there is between 3 and 6 metres. In both cases there must be three metres of space free for pedestrians.

Where is motorcycle parking prohibited?

  • Inside green streets, which have curbless paving and pedestrian priority. Specific signage indicates the parking prohibition.
  • On the pavement, except in the cases mentioned above.


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