Who’s who: outgoing councillors at the end of the 2015-2019 term of office

Three days before the constitution of the new municipal corporation, resulting from the local elections of 26 May, the Municipal Council which has governed the city since 2015 is holding its final full council meeting. The session, formally designated for the approval of minutes pending from the last plenary sessions and commissions, is also a chance for outgoing councillors to bid farewell to the City Council.

12/06/2019 08:50 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This is the second time in a row there’s a record number of councillors who won’t be carrying on in the next term of office. In 2015 there were 26 outgoing councillors, compared to 29 out of the 41 making up the municipal plenary who will sit for the last time in the Saló de Plens Carles Pi i Sunyer for the final session of the 2015-2019 term of office on Wednesday 12 June.

Initially thirty councillors were due to give up their posts. However, the last-minute withdrawal of the fifth member of the Junts per Catalunya list, Albert Civit, means that Jordi Martí Galbis, councillor from the last two terms of office, maintains his seat.

In just two terms of office, practically the whole City Council has been renewed. Only one of the councillors taking possession of their seat for the 2019-2023 period on Saturday, Jordi Martí Galbis himself, was on the City Council from 2011-2015.

The reconfigured council affects nearly all municipal groups in different ways, according to the gains or losses from the municipal elections of 26 May.

Barcelona en Comú

Seven of the current eleven councillors are giving up their posts, including three of the four Deputy Mayors, Gerardo Pisarello, Laia Ortiz and Jaume Asens. These three and the other four outgoing councillors, Gala Pin, Mercedes Vidal, Josep Maria Montaner and Agustí Colom, have been part of the City Council for just one term of office, from 2015.

None of the seven had sought re-election, with the outgoing councillor for Ciutat Vella, Gala Pin, occupying a symbolic position on the party list.

Grup Municipal Demòcrata

None of current nine councillors from the group, now using the name Junts per Catalunya, will sit in the inaugural session in the Saló de Cent on 15 June. Having been granted permission by the Supreme Court, one figure who will be attending is Joaquim Forn, the Deputy Mayor for Security and Mobility with the municipal government of Xavier Trias (2011-2015) and a member of the opposition following the municipal elections of 2015. Forn gave up his post with the City Council in 2017 to become Minister of the Interior with the Government of Catalonia.

Xavier Trias himself, the Mayor from 2011 to 2015 and a councillor since 2003, is leaving the City Council, as are other veteran councillors such as Jaume Ciurana (since 1995), Miate Fandos and Sònia Recasens (1999), all three of them Deputy Mayors with Trias. The rest of the outgoing GMD councillors also held municipal government posts during the 2011-2015 term of office.

Only two of the GMD councillors, Jordi Martí Galbis and Francina Vila, stood for Junts per Catalunya at the elections. While Martí has finally kept his seat, Vila has lost his. Xavier Trias was the last on the list.


Neither the president of the municipal group, Carina Mejías, nor the councillors Santiago Alonso and Koldo Blanco will continue. The 2015-2019 term of office was the second spell on the City Council for Mejías, who was a councillor from 1999 to 2003 with the PP. Alonso was elected in 2015 and Blanco became a councillor in 2016, replacing Sonia Sierra.

Neither Mejías nor Alonso occupied a place on the list for BCN pel canvi – Cs, headed by Manuel Valls.  For his part, Koldo Blanco was on the list as a substitute.

Esquerra Republicana

Only one of the four councillors making up the ERC municipal group will not be carrying on. Trini Capdevila did not stand for re-election and will have spent just one term of office on the City Council. Capdevila was the chair of the interim bureau for the inaugural and swearing-in session in 2015.

Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya

Two of the four members of the PSC group didn’t stand for the list headed by Jaume Collboni in the elections of 26 May. Carmen Andrés, a councillor since 2007, and Daniel Mòdol, since 2015, are leaving the City Council after a term of office during which they occupied municipal government posts between 2016 and the end of 2017. Andrés was the Councillor for Childhood, Youth and the Elderly, and also for Sant Andreu, while Mòdol was the Councillor for Architecture and for Sarrià – Sant Gervasi.

Andrés was also part of the municipal government from 2007 to 2011, when Jordi Hereu was the Mayor, serving as the councillor for Nou Barris.

Partit Popular

The city’s longest-serving councillor is also leaving the City Council. Alberto Fernández Díaz, a councillor with the PP since 1987, except for a spell between 1999 and 2003, is leaving after 32 years. Fernández Díaz has been in the opposition for five of the six terms of office in the democratic period, from the era of Pasqual Maragall through to Ada Colau, including the mandates of Joan Clos, Jordi Hereu and Xavier Trias, with the Narcís Serra mandate the only one he didn’t coincide with.

The other two PP councillors are also leaving the City Council with Fernández Díaz: Xavier Mulleras, a councillor since 2007, and Alberto Villagrassa, councillor between 2003 and 2015 and again since 2018, when he replaced Ángeles Vilagrasa.

Candidatura d’Unitat Popular

None of the three CUP councillor were part of the party’s electoral list on 26 May. Maria Rovira is the only councillor to have been on the City Council for the full term of office. Eulàlia Reguant replaced the seat occupied by Josep Garganté half way through, while Pere Casas replaced Mariá José Lecha in 2018.

Independent councillors

Gerard Ardanuy and Juanjo Puigcorbé, neither of whom belong to a municipal group, will also both be leaving the City Council. Ardanuy, a councillor with the CiU since 2007, until the group transformed into the GMD in 2017, headed the Area of Education and Universities and the District of L’Eixample during the Trias government (2011-2015). Puigcorbé became a councillor in 2015 after standing for the elections with the ERC, leaving the group in 2018.

Thirty-seven councillors have given up their posts since 2015

Besides the councillors leaving the City Council at the end of this term of office, seven councillors have given up their posts during the same period. They are:

  • Raimundo Viejo (BComú), replaced by Eloi Badia.
  • Antoni Vives (CiU), replaced by Raimond Blasi.
  • Joaquim Forn (CiU), replaced by Irma Rognoni.
  • Sonia Sierra (Cs), replaced by Koldo Blanco.
  • Ángeles Esteller (PP), replaced by Alberto Villagrasa.
  • Josep Garganté (CUP), replaced by Eulàlia Reguant.
  • María José Lecha (CUP), replaced by Pere Casas.


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