Work under way on ten projects for a healthier and more resilient city against the climate emergency

Ten public works projects are in progress to achieve a healthier and more resilient city against the climate emergency, with more pedestrian space, more sustainable mobility and improvements to some infrastructures. To get around the city, plan your journeys and stay informed about any disruptions to mobility.

21/11/2020 09:23 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

All work carried out in public space has been planned with the goal of minimising mobility disruptions.

Greater capacity for the drainage tank in Av. Diagonal

The effects of the climate emergency have increased the city’s drainage needs. The  drainage tank beneath Av. Diagonal is to be widened to improve the sewerage capacity and reduce the risk of flooding.

As from the afternoon of 23 November:

  • The central road section will be closed to traffic in the section Roger de Llúria – Aragó. Vehicles will be diverted along C/ Aragó or C/ Mallorca heading in the direction of the Llobregat and along C/ Rosselló or València heading towards the Besòs.
  • 8 bus routes will be affected.

The work should take 14 months and will be carried out from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm.

More pedestrian space in Ronda Universitat

Wider pavements, the introduction of trees and the reduction of traffic lanes from four to two will help make Ronda Universitat a healthier and more pleasant space. Work begins on 23 November:

  • Work to transform the street will mainly be carried out in daytime hours on weekdays. To minimise disruptions, the width of traffic lanes will be redefined and at least two lanes for private vehicles and one bus lane will stay in use.
  • Work will be carried out on the side of the street nearest the sea first. The other side will be transformed after Christmas, with work to conclude in March 2021.

Improvements to the cycling network

The creation of a bike lane in C/ Aragó will allow people to cross the city from one side to the other by bike.

  • Work means two lanes of traffic will be closed during daytime hours at weekends and three lanes of traffic on weekday nights. The project should be completed in January 2021.

The new bike lanes in Passeig de la Zona Franca will connect the neighbourhoods of La Marina with the cycling network.

  • This work will take until January to complete. Over the next few weeks, one traffic lane in each direction will be closed in the week, and two at weekends.

Improvements to the bus network

The work to widen the bus lanes in the central section of Av. Diagonal, between Francesc Macià and Roger de Llúria, concludes this weekend. The project helps with the flow of vehicles and improves the efficiency of the service. Traffic lanes have been reduced from six to five here.

Work has also been completed on a second bus lane in Gran Via, between Passeig de Gràcia and Carrer de Marina.

Work will also be carried out between 23 November and 3 December to improve inbound and outbound bus traffic in the city in Av. Diagonal. This involves:

  • Creating a second bus lane in the direction of the Llobregat, between Pius XII and Zona Universitària.
  • Creating a new bus lane in Av. Esplugues in the direction of the Besòs, between the Parc de Cervantes and González Tablas.

Work to improve access to the Estació del Nord bus station is almost complete, with further work to start soon at the Estació de Sant Andreu Arenal.

Plan your journeys

You can plan your journeys and check the best route to get around the city at The site also includes updated information on disruptions to mobility.


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