Business commitment to gender equity in the tech sphere

A total of 32 companies will roll out measures to reduce the gender gap in this sector.

Laura Pérez, tinenta d'alcaldia de feminismes, amb la resta de participants a la presentació del balanç de GetHub
01/07/2022 - 15:13 h - Feminism-women Ajuntament de Barcelona

Goals include hiring more staff through services specialising in women’s talent, non-sexist and inclusive communication guides, gender auto-diagnostics, company gender-data projects, taking on female talent to achieve parity among technical and executive teams, introducing the possibility for the whole workforce to telework during the first year after the birth or their children, supporting initiatives to boost the presence of women as role-models, prioritising women’s profiles when filling vacant positions in the company, and creating gender-equity working groups.

The companies have made a commitment to:

  • implement flexibility and joint responsibility,
  • collaborate with bodies that foster women’s leadership,
  • pursue projects which foster models for STEM careers and professional futures,
  • offer professional talks for teenagers in secondary schools,
  • write job offers using diverse and inclusive language,
  • adopt an equality plan, to engage in women’s networking,
  • create a diversity and inclusion area,
  • take training in sub-conscious bias among human resources chiefs,
  • achieve flexible hours and joint responsibility,
  • carry out inclusive UX actions,
  • provide free menstrual hygiene products, accessible to all,
  • propose a day off without having to get a medical certificate or attend a medical centre.

As part of the programme, the companies have expressed their interest in:

  • establishing measures to eliminate wage discrimination based on gender,
  • developing group dynamics to promote awareness about gender bias and prejudice that can affect women in the company,
  • collaborating with projects to train women in vulnerable situations,
  • training given by women,
  • promoting meetings about women’s presence in the company,
  • always including at least one woman in the recruitment and contracting process,
  • working on onboarding processes for women returning from maternity leave,
  • specific action to retain female talent.

The companies belonging to the network are: BETWEEN Technology, iterem, Pixel Research Lab, Allianz Technology, Thoughtworks, Talhis, Cyberclick, Citibeats, Vitaance, PepsiCo, Innovamat, Basetis, wefox, Witte y Solá, Unblur, Veepee, Haufe, Vista, Nestle IT HUB, Databot, Qualifyze, GreenPowerMonitor, Profes en Apuros, eDiversa Group, Autodesk, Fundación Mobile World Capital Barcelona, VOXEL, ProtoPixel, Nae, DMI, ServiZurich – Technology Delivery Center and Seqera.

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