Barcelona Expat Week closes with 2,600 attendees from 130 countries

17/11/2020 - 17:31 h

The first edition of the online international talent fair also counted with 100 speakers from 27 countries, nine host ambassadors and a total of 70 supporting organizations.

The first edition of the online international talent fair also counted with 100 speakers from 27 countries, nine host ambassadors and a total of 70 supporting organizations.

From the 19 to the 23rd of October, Barcelona Expat Week brought together the international community of Barcelona around a complete programme of activities focused on 5 different areas. This initiative, that presents itself as an alternative to the Barcelona International Community Day in this Covid-19 pandemic year, closes with successful participation and very good rating, both from the attendees and the speakers.

The virtual meeting gathered a total of 2,634 participants from 130 countries throughout the 5 days of activities in a programme that counted with 100 speakers of 27 nationalities.

Moreover, the initiative is meant to last as it’s the first of different activities that will take place through its virtual innovative platform to boost contacts and share the knowledge and participation of Barcelona’s international talent ecosystem.

According to the First Deputy Mayor of Barcelona City Council and Head of the Economy, Labour, Competitiveness and Finance Areas Jaume Collboni “to be able to organize an annual professional meeting for Barcelona’s international community, and for the first time online, adapted to the global pandemic situation, it’s a milestone that shows that we are a city and a council committed to international talent, even in times of economic crisis”. “There’s no similar event in Spain, and this strengths our position as a welcoming city that always cares for the international talent” summed up Collboni at the closure of the event on October 23rd.

A diverse community

As a reflection of Barcelona city, the participant community of the Barcelona Expat Week presented a diverse profile regarding nationality, gender and years of living in the city. In total, the people registered for the event came from 130 different countries, among which United Kingdom, France, Argentina, Italy, United States of America, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Germany and Colombia stood out as the top 10 foreign countries with more participation. As for continents, Europe brought 41% of the participants, followed by America with 32%, Asia with 10% and, further away, Africa with the 3% and Oceania with the 2% of the total of 2,634 attendees.

Women were the majority representing 60% of the participants and, also, with more presence among the 100 speakers of 27 countries who gave workshops and the rest of online activities throughout the week.

The Barcelona Expat Week presented a programme aimed at foreign people living and working in Barcelona, whether they had just arrived, with a lot of useful information on landing, or they had lived in the city for many years. The main profile among the attendees was that of an expat in his thirties that has lived in Barcelona between 0 and 3 years. In contrast, the main profile among the 9 host ambassadors of the event was an expat that has lived over 10 years in Barcelona, with a great experience to share through the different activities and round tables in the programme.

Success of the activities related to job search in Barcelona

The majority of the attendees of the Barcelona Expat Week registered for 3 to 5 activities. Those activities with more participants revolved around the job search in Barcelona, talent and networking in the city. The opening session was the most followed with around 450 attendees, alongside capsules like Where can I find a job in Barcelona, boosted by Page Personnel, and 10 tops to find a job in Linkedin, by the social media expert Enrique San Juan. Networking and entrepreneurship were two other pillars of this virtual initiative and some of the activities focused on boosting the professional network and starting up a business were among the most popular with over 300 attendees. Once the event is over, all those who signed up can now access all the information and material shared in the activities directly through the Barcelona Expat Week official website.

The success of this new initiative boosted by Barcelona City Council doesn’t stand out only in a quantitative point of view. Qualitatively, the attendees have given very positive reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.  Among the speakers the rate improves to 4.8 out of 5. Their satisfaction is shared by the organization, who encourages the attendees to continue using the virtual platform to boost their networking through the groups based on the specific areas of Barcelona Expat Week’s programme as well as to participate in future actions that will take place through the website.

A measure to boost talent and entrepreneurship in Barcelona

The Barcelona Expat Week is an initiative that is part of Barcelona’s 360 Plan for the international community and the Government’s measure Barcelona City of Talent to foster the new actions aimed at the training, development and talent generation in the city.

In addition, the organization of the Barcelona Expat Week is one of the measures run by the City Council’s Area of Economy, Labour, Competitiveness and Finance, developed by the municipal CECORE (Coordination Centre for the Economic Response) to boost the city’s economy in these Covid-19 times.