Nearly 400 new jobs through eleven international projects arriving in the city during the pandemic

28/03/2021 - 10:07 h

Business. The projects generated an investment of 22 million euros.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, various companies opted to transfer eleven projects to the city in 2020, mainly in the ICT sector. Between them, these projects have generated an investment of 22 million euros and created nearly 400 jobs.

The City Council’s Department for International Economic Promotion and Barcelona Activa’s Business Landing service worked to attract international projects and investment to the city in 2020. Out of 77 projects managed, 16 have come to fruition, 11 of them new and 5 of them involving a reinvestment in exiting initiatives. Between them, they account for an overall investment of 22 million euros and the creation of nearly 400 jobs.

Most of the new projects being set up in Barcelona are in the tech sector. A third of them come from the UK, with the rest from France, China, the USA, Argentina and Singapore.

Teams from Barcelona Activa and the City Council are currently working with fifty potential international projects which could be set up in 2021.